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Playa Negra, a hidden gem on Costa Rica’s Guanacaste coast, offers an affordable and authentic tropical escape. Nestled between Tamarindo and Santa Cruz, this laid-back surf town captures the essence of Pura Vida without breaking the bank.

Known for its striking black sand beach, Playa Negra attracts surf enthusiasts seeking the perfect wave. The beach’s rugged charm and consistent surf make it an ideal spot for both seasoned surfers and those looking to catch their first wave. Budget-conscious travelers can rent surfboards locally and immerse themselves in the vibrant surf culture that defines Playa Negra.

Beyond the waves, the town embraces a relaxed pace of life, with affordable accommodations ranging from cozy hostels to budget-friendly guesthouses. Visitors can explore the local cuisine at quaint cafes and beachside eateries, where the emphasis is on fresh and affordable dishes that showcase the region’s culinary richness.

Playa Negra’s natural beauty extends beyond the beach, offering opportunities for budget-friendly eco-adventures. Hiking trails through the nearby hills provide panoramic views of the Pacific, while exploring the diverse flora and fauna of the area won’t dent your wallet.

In Playa Negra, affordability meets authenticity, creating a haven for travelers seeking the genuine Costa Rican experience without the luxury price tag. Whether it’s riding the waves, savoring local flavors, or embracing the simplicity of Pura Vida, Playa Negra invites visitors to discover the beauty of Guanacaste on a budget.

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